Treble Xo Club

You are in Dubai, and you are sleeping early? Well, that’s fine, per se – you will rise early, see the sunrise, have exclusive delicacies, and do all sorts of morning activities. But have you ever thought about what the city has to offer all night? Dubai has lots of evening activities to enjoy. So, you might not want to miss these experiences that can make your memory jiggle for a long time!

First is clubs, bars, and lounges – you will find Lebanese, Arabian, and even Russian night club Dubai. Each night club has a one-of-a-kind experience. You will be amazed by the music, lighting (some clubs have laser lighting, WOAH!), interior with plush seating area, big dance floor, and plenty of food and drinks to ensure you have a good time in the club. But, all the night clubs in Dubai are strict when it comes to dressing. Hence, it is mandatory to check out the dressings they prefer and choose your attire accordingly. 

In Love with Stargazing?

For the best night experience, head out to the desert, where you will find Astro groups putting stargazing events in the Rub Al Khali desert – which is the world’s largest sea of sand. The desert has many stargazing options, where you can see the stars while the Astro groups tell you stories and facts about the Milky Way, planets, black holes, and many more. They will answer all your questions, and it’d be the most fun experience you can ever have. 

Want to Swim Under Moonlight?

Aura Skypool – Dubai’s largest infinity pool, is the perfect place if you fancy swimming under the sheet of stars and moon. You will find the pool 200 metres above the city over Palm Jumeirah, which remains open till midnight – so you might want to hurry to the place, as this is an experience you cannot always recreate. 

Play Sports in the Glo-in-the-Dark Alley

No, glo-in-the-dark is not a place – but a phrase we love to use when we see something luminous or glowing in the dark. Dubai’s first and only dark padel courts have boosted the experience of many sports lovers. Padel is the fastest-growing sport in the city, which is a blend of tennis and squash. Sounds unique? Why not go there and experience it first-hand?

Laser Light and Light Shows in Dubai

Laser light dances are worth seeing after the sun sets in Dubai. The light show has earned two Guinness World Records – already wowed? These light shows can be found at IMAGINE at Dubai Festival City. 

Love Kayaking?

We can say – this is one of the most amazing places with Insta-worthy views, and definitely one to remember your entire life. Kayaking is done with a guide in a glass-bottomed kayak lit up with tiny fairy lights. While kayaking, you can see the skyline lighting up and sparkling. This can be the best experience you can have with your best friends! 

These are just some of the amazing evening activities that you can do in Dubai. There are many other things, such as the ice skating rink in Dubai, roller disco sessions, VR park, and many more.