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In most places in Dubai, such as shopping malls, city beachfront, parks, restaurants, cinemas, and cafes, you will usually find signs like – Dress Modestly. This means you usually have to cover your shoulders and knees. Also, it must be kept in mind that public places in Dubai are all air-conditioned. Hence, you need to cover yourself, as it might get cold properly. 

Just like cinemas, parks, and other public places, Arabic night clubs in Dubai also have specific dress codes – and some venues are pretty strict when it comes to dresses – especially the ladies’ night clubs. Usually, the dress code varies from chic casual to glam – whatever suits your preference, and also the club rules. You will find many women wearing short dresses, mini skirts, fancy onesies, heels, and glam makeup! However, some nightclubs in Dubai have a dress code like – jeans with a casual or fancy blouse high heels (or platforms – as they make dancing comfortable) – which you can style with a blazer or a jacket!

Going Out for Ladies Night in Dubai?

If you want to go out for ladies’ Night in Dubai- you might want to dress up smart! You can choose a short or mini dress with a pretty pair of shoes or heels. But be careful not to overdo your look – it might kill the vibe. If you have other plans after the brunch, don’t dress down too much, and if you are going to a party brunch, you might need to carry an extra pair of shoes, which you can wear to dance the night out!

Dine After Party, Ladies!

If you have plans for an after-party dinner, several classic restaurants allow dresses and skirts. But, if you think your dress is a bit too much as per the restaurant regulations, you can always carry an extra dress or jacket – whatever suits your taste. This eliminates the embarrassment of returning from the restaurant door. Or, you can do the simplest thing – wear something semi-formal or semi-casual, like a knee-length dress with a jacket, or keep a shrug in hand to ensure your shoulders are covered in case you are wearing a sleeveless dress. 

Oh, wait! Did we suggest what you can have after party in Dubai? Well, here’s the list –

These are just the basics, Dubai is filled with places that keep open till the early morning, and some are reserved for ladies. Hence, you do not have to worry about the creeps looking at you! 

Apart from this, you also have the option to visit the beaches at ladies night. Well, did you know beaches are accessible 24/7 in Dubai? You can swim or just walk along the beach to experience the serenity and calmness, and you will feel so fulfilled and refreshed – you will thank yourself!