Treble Xo Club

Dubai – the City of Gold, is the place where everything becomes alive as the sun goes down. Once the sun sets, you will find people all over the city – taking a stroll down the streets, driving, and eating amazing street food, etc. You will have plenty of things to do for evening activities in Dubai. From walking along the Dubai Marina to enjoying the Water World and the Ferrari World along with the majestic aquarium where you can experience life under water. Also, you cannot miss boat parties for a fun evening and cruising for a romantic dinner time with your loved one. 

Apart from these evening activities in Dubai, you will find several clubs and lounges where you can dance your heart out. Now, as you know, Dubai is known for its hospitality, and while you are in Dubai, you must understand and follow the etiquette of the places you are in. Here are some do’s and don’ts that are required to be followed strictly – 



While taking advantage of the exciting nightlife in Dubai, it’s important to respect Dubai’s distinctive blend of modernity and history. You may have a fantastic time at Dubai’s clubs and lounges while being a respectful and responsible visitor by being polite and adhering to the customs of the place.