Treble Xo Club


arabic nightclub in dubai
arabic nightclub in dubai
About Us

Experience Luxury Nightlife in Dubai

At Treble Xo Club, the golden theme tells the story, music moves your spirit, and surprises await at every turn. With world-class DJs and dancers, we have the best ambience that will make your night go – Delulu!
We are the best disco club in Dubai – we go beyond the typical and become more than just a place to visit. We’re an experience, a way of life, and a fresh feeling of community. Whether you seek tranquility while smoking shisha or want to groove on some number-one hits played by our renowned DJs, our haven has it all. We have all genres of music – from electronic to hip-hop and R&B beats.
Here, you can party like rich kids and Sheikhs in the Emirates, as we are the epitome of luxury. We offer an ultra-exclusive nightclub experience with top artists from around the world. Also, our food, different concoction of drinks, and hookah are to die for. You must visit us during the holiday season to see the extra spices we add to make your experience cooler. Our events and live entertainment are something you shouldn’t miss. We are the best club in Dubai, with electrifying music, a spacious dance floor, and laser lights.

Feel chic and fashionable at TrebleXO and enjoy a unique, never-before-seen ambience. We strive to offer you top-notch events that are luxurious and grand. Thus, we are an edgy addition to Dubai’s extravagant nightlife.
Our Dress Code
Dress up and show up in smart casual – to match the chic ambience of the club. Men dress up in collared shirts, pants, and well-polished shoes. Women can wear sleek and classy dresses!
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Book a table at TrebleXO and feel the opulence!